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How Long Do Rabbits Live? by Kerry Greener

How Long Do Rabbits Live? by Kerry Greener

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Everything you need to know about rabbits in one place!

'How Long Do Rabbits Live?', is a complete, easy to read, pet rabbit longevity reference book with potential Lifespan Calculator & Human Years to Rabbit Age Conversion Chart.


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This amazing publication includes:

Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations, Quick Tips, Check Lists, Full Breed Database, Genetic Descriptions, Unique Research, Scientific Studies, and Reader Stories from Experienced Rabbit Owners and Breeders Worldwide.


Your bunny bookshelf should not be without this insightful publication.

It truly is 'unique and one of a kind!'

  • Learn the 7 'lifespan factors' of pet rabbit longevity, plus discover how long YOUR rabbit will live!
  • Find out why SIZE matters and understand how to control your rabbit's weight.

  • Learn how to get a fussy bunny to eat the right foods and find out about the two crucial ingredients in a rabbit's diet.

  • Discover some huge surprises most rabbit owners don't know.

  • Understand why and how a rabbit's body is so unique.

  • Learn how to lower the risk of disease and practically eliminate vet bills.

  • Discover how CUTE is good, and UGLY is bad.

  • Realize the biggest irony in the rabbit fur industry.

  • Find out why the origin of birth is vital in age prediction tests.

  • Learn how environment effects health, happiness and lifespan.

  • Get great tips on how to eliminate anxiety and boredom related aggression.

  • Know why rabbits fight and how good bonding is easier than you think.

  • Identify the pros and cons - House Rabbit Vs Outdoor Bunny.

  • Learn why a group of rabbits is just like a pop band!

  • Discover 12 amazing insights to achieving blissful, age defying bunnies!

  • Determine how long YOUR rabbit will live with the unique Longevity Calculator.

  • Learn the ALL the action steps necessary to change your rabbit's lifespan for the better!

With this book, Kerry promises, you will never look at rabbits the same way again!


 This comprehensive ebook goes beyond the obvious and provides:

    Simplified check lists give you handy, easy to remember guidelines on grooming, plus daily and monthly health check procedures. Knowing what to look for is crucial to prevention rather than medicine!

    Finally eliminate any doubt over what food is safe for your rabbit and know how certain foods help increase longevity. Also learn the absolute 'no-no' list of foods and see where you may have been going wrong!

    A quick symptom check-chart helps you spot any strange behaviour quickly, evaluates a probable cause, then gives advice on the best treatment or action steps to take to make them well again.

    Comprehensive rabbit breed and variety record including the top most rare breeds as recognised by the BRC & ARBA. Better improve the search for your perfect rabbit or determine the type of rabbit(s) you have.



Chapters Include:

Chapter 1: Rabbit Anatomy

  1. A Series of Systems
  2. Skeletal System
  3. Muscular System
  4. Digestive System
  5. Respiratory System
  6. Cardiovascular System
  7. Urogenital System
  8. Dental System
  9. Sense Organs
  10. Action Steps – Check Lists

Chapter 2: Rabbit Health

  1. The 7 Fundamentals of Rabbit Health
  2. Diet – What Do Rabbits Eat?
  3.  Weight – How to Weigh Your Rabbit
  4. Exercise & Run Space
  5. Environment – The Basics
  6. Origin – Genes, Type & Source
  7. Disease Control & Prevention
  8. Companionship & Connection
  9. Rabbit Grooming
  10. Common Diet & Health Questions

Chapter 3: Environment/Living Rights

  1. Rabbit House Size
  2. Exercise & Run Space
  3. Rabbit Run Alternatives
  4. Shelter & Protection
  5. Positioning & Weather
  6. Stimulation – Play & Companionship
  7. A Hutch Is Not Enough
  8. If Rabbits Could, They'd Make Firewood
  9. Rabbit Hutch Alternatives
  10. Cheap is a False Economy
  11. House it Going?
  12. Reader Stories

Chapter 4: It's in the Genes

  1. Life Span in Relation to Size
  2. Giants & Dwarfs
  3. Dominant & Recessive Genes
  4. Evolution Revolution
  5. Domestication Transformation
  6. The DNA Race
  7. Testing... Testing...
  8. The Cuteness Gene
  9. Reader Story


Chapter 5: Where's The Label?

  1. On With the Show
  2. Body Type – The 5 Main Shapes
  3. Fur Type – The 4 Coat Groups
  4. Weight/Size – The 4 Weight Classes
  5. Purpose – The 5 Reasons to Be
  6. Where Are They Now?
  7. Rare Breeds & Varieties
  8. What Breed is My Rabbit?
  9. Find Your Rabbit
  10. Full Rabbit Breed List


Chapter 6: New Thinking

  1. Outsiders Verses Insiders
  2. Indoor Safety Rules OK
  3. Are You a Smoking Gun?
  4. Happy Hoppers in the House
  5. BFF (Best Friends Forever)
  6. Bonded Bunnies
  7. The Lone Ranger
  8. Happy Binky Bunny
  9. Silent Suffering
  10. It's in the Breath
  11. The Emphasis of Stress
  12. The Power of Touch
  13. Brushing Off the Past
  14. How Thinking Affects Reality


Chapter 7: The Answer

  1. Longevity Calculator
  2. Your Rabbit's Predicted Age
  3. Rabbit Age Comparison Calculator
  4. What Do You Think?


The ONLY Rabbit Book You'll Ever Need!

This book is one of the most elaborate and detailed publications about domestic pet rabbits available, and answers the widely popular question asked by 200,000 + monthly readers of the JustRabbits.com online community.

All the information members share online and in this book, aim to offer help and advice on breed, type, sex, disposition etc. leading all who indulge, to a closer computation of every rabbit's true potentiality.

By learning the valuable principles of raising fit, contented rabbits, that live in harmony alongside your family and loved ones – exactly how a happy, home-loving pet should be – you will ultimately finish this book having a much better educated, edified understanding, and well deserved respect, of the much loved pet rabbit.

Once you have read and understood the teachings and philosophies communicated within this book, you will never look at rabbits the same way again!





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