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iRabbit READY 3 Step System

iRabbit READY 3 Step System

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Product Description

Discover How to FAST TRACK to Rabbit Mastery

Finally Understand the Formula for Happy, Healthy Bunnies, Forever...


Discover How Easy It Is To Be Rabbit Savvy


The plethora of valuable knowledge in the 3 Step iRabbit READY System is vast, yet easy for new rabbit owners to attain, understand and have fun with!


The iRabbit READY System is a 3 step guide for new rabbit owners, and will:


  • Show you the basics of rabbit health, wellness and diet for the 'modern-day' rabbit, with easy to understand reports and fact-sheets. (Saving hours of research looking for the right information online or in dusty old books)

  • Guide you through the creation of your perfect rabbit environment. With great examples of inspiring alternative housing. (Ideas that will really get your DIY juices flowing!)

  • Give you the confidence to understand and handle your rabbits, from baby kit to cuddly old buck. (Without the hearsay, folklore or dramatic scare tactics!)

  • Establish satisfying new, and fun routines for your rabbits and yourself. (You'll be shocked how much happier you & your rabbits will feel after just a few days.)

  • Give you tips and techniques for shy or grumpy rabbits to start loving and trusting again. (Imagine seeing them jump for joy at the sound of you coming or you calling their name!)

  • Deliver DIY tutorials for pet rabbit toys and games you can make yourself. (Stop spending a fortune on pet toys that don't get played with and recycle what you have laying round the house. Your rabbits will show their appreciation with binkies, nudges and kissy licks!)



Thousands of people are struggling to understand the basics of keeping a pet rabbit. Old habits and old thinking take a while to get past.

We know... we have listened to hundreds of visitors to JustRabbits.com for over 3 years who have been telling us just this.

  • With the help of over 6000+ unique visitors to the JustRabbits.com Website, thousands of social media followers, experienced breeders, show rabbit owners & judges, and veterinarians & scientists, the basis for all the iRabbit System fundamentals were inspired and ultimately created.

  • Nearly 4000 active subscribers of the 'Rabbit Report' prove that Just Rabbits Limited is consistently providing modern, up-to-date information targeted to each individual's need.

  • In fact, if you start this 3 Step System today, you'll be rabbit savvy and connected to other rabbit friendly people, who are ready to help too, in just a few days.

  • We will support you on your journey of discovery and will be here, alongside thousands of other experienced rabbit owners, to answer any questions as you become a true bunny expert!

The iRabbit READY~SET~GO System is the result of years of learning for Kerry Greener, rabbit enthusiast and Director of Just Rabbits Limited.


Kerry is also the author of the revolutionary new best-seller 'How Long Do Rabbits Live?' and has researched and trained in all aspects of rabbit health, from the physiological to the psychological, for over 30 years.


Here's What You'll Get in The iRabbit READY System:


Re-discover the basics of rabbit health for the 'modern-day' rabbit, with these easy to understand reports and fact-sheets:

  • Diet & Weight Control (With Safe & Unsafe Food Lists to ensure you're never unsure about what to feed your rabbit!)
  • Disease Prevention Guide (With Behaviour Symptom Check Chart to give you piece of mind when a vet is not available, whew!)
  • Vet Services Overview & FAQs (Niggling Questions... Neutering? Chipping? Vaccinations? Surgery? Don't worry, it's all here!)

(RRP  £ 19)



Explore the important housing and environment requirements of indoor and outdoor buns with these super helpful guides and examples:

  • Housing & Exercise Reports (Get the RSPCA & RWAF guides on size & check out some fab ideas on housing alternatives.)
  • Shelter & Protection Tips (Understand where to put your rabbit house & why, saving hours of research & expensive mistakes!)
  • Playtime Tips - Toys, Games & Stimulation (Plus 3 DIY toys to make yourself – easy, bargain fun for you and your buns!)

(RRP  £ 19)



Uncover the hidden gems of a truly happy rabbit, plus reveal how easy and simple it is to get your bunnies to love and trust you:

  • BFFs, Mates & Dates - Ooo La La (Bonding basics & an intro to the importance of hierarchy will put you in control.)
  • Unmask the Emphasis of Stress (Help a rabbit that may be suffering in silence - the results make you feel so good!)
  • Tips on the Power of Touch (Including ideas to help shy and grumpy bunnies become your best-bunny-buds!)

 (RRP  £ 19)


PLUS Get All These'Immediate Action' FREE BONUS Offers:

The Ultimate Rabbit Grooming Guide - Covering Equipment Basics, Colourful 9 Step Tutorial, Plus Points & Tips for Trimming, Clipping, Matting & Bathing. Say goodbye to expensive groomers, pet parlours & vets! (RRP £24)

The Indoor Vs Outdoor Pet Rabbit Report - With the Unique to Just Rabbits Ltd 'Indoor Rabbit Safety Rules Checklist' that all indoor rabbit owners should read before getting your rabbits home. (RRP £19)

RSPCA Rabbit Care Bundle - The Best 3 Most Helpful Guides from The Royal Society of the Protection of Animals, on Handling Advice, Neutering Fact Sheet & Complete Care Costs Breakdown from a Rescue Rabbit Perspective.






BUY The AMAZING iRabbit READY System Right NOW and GET...

Instant Access to 3 of our TOP Most Helpful INFOGRAPHICS!!

  • 10 Foods NOT to Give Rabbits.... (RRP  £5)
  • 10 of the Best Pet Bunny Breeds.... (RRP  £5)
  • 5 Ways to Get Rid of Flies Forever.... (RRP  £5)


Please don't miss out on your chance to save and learn!

The money and time you save by following the easy iRabbit 123 Step System is huge, but you will also be protecting and saving the lives of your precious bunnies too... and that is priceless!


You can TRY all the reports, fact-sheets, guides, tutorials, downloads, infographics, checklist and charts with our NO RISK 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!

If you are not satisfied for ANY REASON with everything we provide in this 3 Step System, we guarantee to refund you in full over a full 2 months of you having access to everything!

All payments are completely secure and backed by strict policy regulations set by PayPal & Nochex Limited.

P.S. Please REMEMBER...

  • All the bonus extras are only available in this package, for a limited time only - so get started today!

  • The iRabbit System has been developed with over 30 years of scientific & veterinary research and is appreciated by thousands of new rabbit owners worldwide.

  • You can go from 'Newbie Without a Clue' to 'Rabbit Savvy Clever Clogs' in a few hours!



Warranty Information

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

All our iRabbit Systems from the READY to the SET and the GO System, have a 60-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.

In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you're even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease.

You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!

Other Details

The 7 Fundamentals of Health
The 5 Vitals of Environment
The 11 Elusives of Emotion
The Ultimate Grooming Guide
The Indoor Vs Outdoor Report
RSPCA Triple Bundle - Top 3
10 Foods NOT to Give Rabbits
10 of the Best Pet Bunny Breeds
5 Ways to Get Rid of Flies Forever

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  1. Now They Do 6 Binkies a Day! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 30th Apr 2017)

    I have recently purchased the Rabbit Ready 3 Step for £12.00 and it really is the most helpful piece of information if you want to get the most out of your little furry pets both for them and for you. The various different articles tell you everything you need to know from handling them, what they should eat and how to see them most importantly at their happiest and may I take this opportunity to say that after reading this my rabbits Fluffy and Flopsy do at least 6 binkies a day. Now that is happy rabbits.

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