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Natural Woven Jumbo Play Tunnel

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Natural Woven Jumbo Play Tunnel

Natural Woven Jumbo Play Tunnel

Jumbo play and sleep tunnel for most medium sized rabbits.

It's a big one too at 22cm diameter and 50cm long with big rabbit sized holes for hopping in and out of.

Made from only 100% natural materials.

With no glue or metal.

Fun and safe to nibble on.

This large play tunnel is perfect for rabbits!

Also good for Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and Ferrets.

It's also 100% wire and staple-free so is completely safe to chew and nibble!

  • Ideal for play and sleep: helps pets feel safe and secure.
  • Made from natural materials which is safe to nibble and eat.
  • No glue or staples.
  • Steam treated.


Approximate Size:

Length 50cm

Diameter 22cm.